Pokemon Go Telegram Groups

Below you will get many types of Pokemon go telegram groups that are very useful for you. All the groups are best place to share tips, tricks, and exciting Pokemon news and updates.

Pokemon GO is a mobile game that lets you become a Pokemon Trainer in the real world! The game encourages outdoor experiences by having different Pokemon emerge in diverse settings.

Best Pokemon Go Telegram Groups List

Just join these groups and feel free to ask questions, organize raids, or connect with fellow players.

Pokemon GO Friends
Welcome to the International Pokemon Go Friends Chat | Total Members – 53000+ Group Link
SG Community – (Singapore Based)
Events, Raid, Trades, connecting players in Singapore and around the world to farm, grind and hunt together. Make a friend and find someone in the Singapore Pokémon Go Community while enjoying the game! | Total Members – 1650+ Group Link
PGO Berlin (en) – Berlin International League for Pokémon GO
Berlin International League for Pokémon GO – we organise meetups for Community Days, Raid trains and Trading outposts. | Total Members – 400+ Group Link
Welcome to Pokemon Go Raids, have fun guys, we want all the bosses and share your ID and your possible RAIDS around the world | Total Members – 1700+ Group Link
Pokemon Go Troopers
Hello everyone welcome to the POKEMON GO TRADING AND CHATTING GROUP Please read rules before starting (type /rules to get rules) | Total Members – 680+ Group Link
Pokemon go Buddies
Go buddies is the group started in 2021 & our group became active group but some kind of reasons we are making our New group but now this is group became our old best group. | Total Members – 120+ Group Link
Pokèmon Go Friends (India)
Code of Conduct 1) No talk about spoofing, or buying and selling accounts. 2) Be respectful, don’t instigate/irritate or troll others 3) Don’t use offensive or insensitive language. 4) Don’t post inappropriate content. | Total Members – 580+ Group Link
Remote Raid Invites
Remote Raid Invites! #1 Hub for Global Remote Raiding in Pokémon GO! | Be Positive, Stay Safe, No Spam, and Have Fun! | Total Members – 27400+ Group Link
Pokemon Go Raid Together
Please follow the instructions in the welcome message. Let’s have fun raiding together! | Total Members – 5900+ Group Link
Unite Community
Welcome all the Pokémon Go and Unite Players around the World. | Total Members – 700+ Group Link
Pokemon Go Discussion
‼Welcome to Pokemon Go Chat Room‼| Total Members – 1400+ Group Link

Why should you join a Pokemon Go group?

Joining a Pokémon GO group is a great idea because it lets you connect with other players who share your love for the game.

  • Building a community of like-minded individuals.
  • You can promote your own product or service in Pokemon go groups.
  • Opportunities for collaborations and partnerships.
  • Anyone can share stickers in Pokemon go group.
  • Opportunity of creating a loyal and active community.
  • Members of private Pokemon go groups on Telegram can exchange files, movies, images, and chats with one another.
  • you can use bots to facilitate your Pokemon go group management.
  • There are more features in Telegram groups, like games, polls, and quizzes, which can enhance group discussions.

Way to create a group on Telegram?

Creating a Pokemon GO group on Telegram is easy! Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  • Simply launch the Telegram app to start any type of Pokemon go group.
  • Then click on pencil icon which are shared below.
  • Simply choose the New Group option.
  • Your Pokemon go group must have at least one member.
  • Enter the name of your Pokemon go group on the following screen.
  • Your Telegram group has been created.
  • Press the Pokemon go group’s name.
  • Click on the pencil icon.
  • Next, select the Invite Links option.
  • The link to your just made Pokemon go group invitation is available here.
  • To grow the size of the group, copy the URL and forward it to your friends.

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