Anime Telegram Groups

So if you wants to join Anime telegram groups then this is perfect place for you. All the groups are best for discussions, recommendations, and sharing your favorite anime moments.

Anime is an animated film and television entertainment genre that start in Japan. It includes a wide range of genres and topics including action and adventure, romance, fantasy, and science fiction.

List of some Anime Telegram Groups

These are some amazing groups that can helps you to get up to date about any type of anime. Feel free to chat about your top picks, ask for suggestions, or join in on exciting anime-related events.

Kawaii [EN] Anime | Gaming Chat Group
SFW social chat for the anime weeb community worldwide | GAMING | MEMES | Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
ETY Anime
Welcome to ETY Anime Group! Here, you can dive into everything anime and manga, from thoughtful reviews to stellar recommendations. Engage in epic episode discussions and connect with fellow enthusiasts. | Total Members – 32400+ Group Link
Anime Chat Group • Locus
Our group does not promote piracy in any way.This group is made just for discussing about Anime. We are not responsible for the messages sent by anyone who’s not admin | Total Members – 11400+ Group Link
BTS and Anime Chat
A group that is made for discussion purposes dedicated to bts and anime community. | Total Members – 110+ Group Link
Hidden Souls
Total Members – 580+ Group Link
Hey!Otakus Welcome to OTAKU, a chatting group for Otakus, Weebs. Have fun with each other discuss your favorite topic trends on community, you are one who deserve our growing community 😉 | Total Members – 70+ Group Link
Nekofied [EN] Anime | Gaming Chat
SFW social chat for nekofied worldwide community weebs | gaming | memes | Total Members – 26200+ Group Link
Anime Fanatics • Discussion
If you are a Anime Seeker, you are at the Right place. Lets make this group a Hub of Anime | Total Members – 350+ Group Link
Anime Void • Chat
Welcome to Void of Anime for all Weebs and Otakus. | Total Members – 650+ Group Link
Anime Sigma
Total Members – 7400+ Group Link
Anime Chatting Group
Welcome To Hindi English Anime Chatting Group. | Total Members – 150+ Group Link
Naruto Anime Group
Welcome To Naruto Anime Group Anime, Life and Friendship| Total Members – 1700+ Group Link
Anime Nation
A Friendly Place To Chat And Interact With Other Weebs ! | Total Members – 1500+ Group Link
Anime Sad Group
Welcome to anime sad group Here you can chat with many people by Anime suggestions Anime reviews and talk about anime. | Total Members – Group Link
Animespot Request Group
You can Request Animes here, we will upload the anime that you Requested “ASAP” | Total Members – 550+ Group Link

Best Anime India Telegram Groups

With these groups you can connect with other anime lovers.

Anime Chat Community [English]
An independent community based group that encourages open discussions on any topic | Total Members – 6500+ Group Link
Anime Fan Club
Hey! This is a new Animé group, chat and play here as much you want. without owner permission you can’t send your any link here. No scamming, No Bad words.| Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
Request (Chat) – Movies, Webseries, Drama, Anime
This is Manually Movie Request Group .. Check Pin For Movie/Webseries/Kdrama/Anime..And Join All Channel For New Updates… | Total Members – 480+ Group Link
Indian Anime Club | IAC
Welcome to Indian Anime Club (IAC): Your one stop destination for anime-manga news, discussions, photos & videos! | Total Members – 8200+ Group Link
Anime Zone India ◉ Chat Group
Here you can chat with many people through anime about anime and talk about anime.| Total Members – 350+ Group Link
Just Chat 『 Eternity Chat 』
Chat about your favorite anime with fellow otakus.| Total Members – 2200+ Group Link
Telugu Anime
You can discuss or ask for anime links | Total Members – 2300+ Group Link
Welcome to our anime chat group, where fans of all genres and series come together to discuss and share our love for anime. | Total Members – 380+ Group Link

Anime Wallpaper Telegram Groups Link

All the groups are best place for anime fans to find, share, and appreciate visually appealing wallpapers related to their favorite anime content.

Anime Walls • Chat Group
Here you can request for your desired anime walls, favorite character walls.. | Total Members – 170+ Group Link
Wallinator – Anime wallpaper | Stock Image
Get and share hd wallpapers for your mobile. 4k mobile wallpaper from best of channels in high resolution. | Total Members – 1900+ Group Link
Hd 4k anime wallpapers Naruto/One piece/Jujutsu kaisen/Tokyo revenger/Demon slayer
This page provides best wallpapers for your phone, laptop or any device | Total Members – 900+ Group Link
Anime Wallpaper
We Upload all Types of Anime Wallpaper, We Public New Wallpapers Daily. | Total Members – 5400+ Group Link
Anime Library
A channel made for listing all the anime channels we have.| Total Members – 540000+ Group Link
Anime Wallpapers
Collection of hand-picked SFW Anime wallpapers for desktop. | Total Members – 42000+ Group Link
Anime GIFs Library
Stash of high quality anime gifs. Express your feelings, share your feelings. | Total Members – 1400+ Group Link
Anime Stickers
Stash of handpicked anime stickers. All hail captain Jack Sparrow | Total Members – 11000+ Group Link

How to exit from any Anime group?

If you want to leave any anime group then you need to follow these steps. You can always rejoin later if you change your mind.

  • Start the Telegram app.
  • Select and open the Anime group you wish to leave.
  • In the top right corner, click the three dots.
  • choose “Leave Group” from the menu after that.
  • You could easily leave the Anime group of your choice.
  • If you want to leave more Anime groups which are not useful for you, then repeat every steps again.

Rules for Anime groups on Telegram

Before joining any group of anime yo should read the rules first.

  • Be nice and respectful to the other members of the Anime group.
  • Keep conversations focused on the group’s objective. In a Anime group, discuss Anime related topics.
  • Do not send irrelevant messages, stickers, or links.
  • Please do not post rude or wrong things in any Anime group.
  • Communicate in the Anime group’s chosen language to ensure that everyone understands.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the group admins.
  • Avoid sharing incorrect or deceiving content.

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