Australia Telegram Groups & Channels

If you are looking for join the active Australian telegram group and channel with links then you are in right place. We have collected some amazing groups and channels for you that are really helpful for you.

Australia is famous for its beautiful beaches, diverse wildlife, and expansive environment. It is a large and beautiful country located in the southern hemisphere.

Best Australia Telegram Groups List

We have categorized the Australian groups according to their content and users choice. All the groups are made for users to connect, share ideas, ask questions, and make friends.

Australia Jobs & Study Telegram Groups

In these groups members discuss job possibilities, scholarship opportunities, study recommendations, visa information, and personal experiences. Whether you’re seeking for part-time job while studying, want to explore career opportunities, or need assistance on visa requirements, these groups provide support and valuable resources.

Jobs Sydney (English)
Group looking for jobs in Sydney and for those looking for employees in Sydney. | Total Members – 1200+ Group Link
International Students
This is a spam-free, student-friendly group, aimed at providing viable information and guidance to students exploring Australia as their higher education destination. | Total Members – 8200+ Group Link
MAAB Study in Australia
Hey guys .. this group is to help people who are planning on studying in Australia | Total Members – 190+ Group Link
South Australia Students Chat
International Students / Part time job / Full time job / PR | Total Members – 350+ Group Link
International Medical Doctors
This group has been created by South American Doctors in Australia to share AMC exams studying tips, materials and support each other in the journey to become a full licensed doctor in Australia. | Total Members – 900+ Group Link
Study, Work & Settle in Australia
Aussizz Group is one of the most renowned consultancies for visas, travel, and immigration. Our aim is to fulfill dreams of millions of aspirants who look forward to studying, working, or settling in Australia. | Total Members – 11500+ Group Link
Master’s in Uk / Ireland/ Australia / Canada
Ask questions and doubts regarding the process and study. | Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
University Of Sydney (USYD)
Feel free to discuss any University of Sydney related issues 🙂 | Total Members – 250+ Group Link
IMG jobs Australia| RMO| Doctors
-CV & Cover letter related queries -New jobs posts -Interview Questions & Preparation -APHRA registration | Total Members – 600+ Group Link

Popular Australia telegram groups for chatting

If you want to connect the people’s from Australia then these chat groups are best for you.

australia girls chatting group
Here you will find the most active members and can communicate with them. This group is full of entertainment, laughter, and regular conversation. | Total Members – 4000+ Group Link
Australia chatting
A best place for chatting about Australia | Total Members – 1300+ Group Link
English Chatting
This is one of the best groups for meeting new people from different countries and cultures. Let’s make new friends and have fun communicating in English. | Total Members – 35600+ Group Link
Friends Chatting Crew
Friends Chatting Crew is the Catalyst for Joyful Surroundings + Purposeful Activities | Total Members – 3800+ Group Link
Australian Freedom News/Events
ALL Australians can freely post their freedom events, news, messages, posts, comments, etc. | Total Members – 1800+ Group Link
Melbourne Dating / Sydney Dating
Want a date? Want a friend? Want a partner? This group is for you! | Total Members – 900+ Group Link
Aussie Chat
Maybe a bit of free speech here. Readers discretion advised. | Total Members – 950+ Group Link
Talk English & Hindi Only, So Everyone can Participate | Total Members – 98000+ Group Link

Useful Australia Crypto Telegram groups

These groups allow Australians interested in crypto to discuss news, insights, trading methods, and investment advice.

Binance Australia – AUD Crypto
Beware of scams. Never provide your private keys/phrases to anyone. | Total Members – 5900+ Group Link
Crypto Mining Australia
This is a public group to promote, discuss and educate people about cryptomining in Australia. It is also a source for Mining Farms, Containers, ASICS, POW, GPU, Hosting and Immersion solutions within Australia. | Total Members – 100+ Group Link
Copy Trading Crypto
Crypto trading via Copy tradingmasters, make money by following others what pro in crypto | Total Members – 200+ Group Link
One of the oldest and most successful crypto group | Total Members – 800+ Group Link
Crypto Holders Chat
Crypto Private Chat – community of people keen on cryptocurrencies. Here you can find information about graphs, technical and fundamental analyzes. All the best is in this place. | Total Members – 2100+ Group Link
Crypto News Chat
Get updated about all the crypto news with the help of this group. This is most popular Australian crypto news telegram group available on telegram. | Total Members – 1600+ Group Link

Australia Business Telegram Groups

In these groups anyone can discuss topics such as marketing strategies, financial management, legal advice, and industry trends.

Freelancer Business Australia
Find freelancers or freelancing projects easily in the largest online job market. | Total Members – 2100+ Group Link
Business lovers from USA, CANADA and AUSTRALIA are welcome here. | Total Members – 2150+ Group Link
STARTUP BUSINESS INSTANT is a Hub for Startup News, Business Networking, and Entrepreneurial Resources. Expand your network, discover new possibilities, and tap into a vast database of resources that can help you go further in your business and career. | Total Members – 120+ Group Link
Share your business or profession among the members of this group. | Total Members – 150+ Group Link
All Business Group
Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it. | Total Members – 4600+ Group Link
Business & Finance Chat
We discuss Breaking news on Cryptocurrency, Wall Street, Economic policy, Business policy Financial and Economic issues and more | Total Members – 2800+ Group Link

Top Australian Telegram Channels to join

You can join these channels to receive updates, news, and other content directly on their Telegram accounts about Australia.

Facts,information,news,nature “Introducing Australia to the world” | Total Subscribers – 3600+ Channel Link
Discount in Australia
Special sales/promotions in Australia | Total Subscribers – 3700+ Channel Link
Helping people who are suffering with mental illness by supporting the development of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in and out of Australia | Total Subscribers – 1400+ Channel Link
Aussie English
You can stand a better chance of learning Aussie English by an excellent Aussie teacher | Total Subscribers – 2000+ Channel Link
Mint Business News
News and analysis from the world of business and finance. | Total Subscribers – 120000+ Channel Link
IELTS Materials
IELTS Preparation. IELTS Materials. Speaking Partners. | Total Subscribers – 550+ Channel Link
AUSTRALIAN E Paper & Magazines
Whether you want to stay up on the latest on local news, explore Australian culture, or read about particular topics of interest, This channel offer a wide range of information to meet your needs.| Total Subscribers – 300+ Channel Link
Easy PTE exam
We don’t provide leaked questions and answers | Total Subscribers – 7800+ Channel Link

How to join Telegram group for Australia?

Members of the Australian groups are frequently sharing helpful knowledge, materials, and personal experiences related to their common interests or areas of expertise. Participating in discussions and asking questions can enhance your knowledge and education about particular topic.

You can easily join any group by these steps.

  • Simply select the one that you want Australia group from the list.
  • Tap the “Group Link” button to join it.
  • You will be taken to the Telegram application.
  • Once there, click the Join button on the first screen.
  • With a click, you’ve joined the Australia group.
  • To join some more new Australia groups, simply repeat the steps.

How to leave from any Australian group?

Want to exit from any Australia group on Telegram then these steps can fulfill your wish.

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Select and open the Australia group you want to leave.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner.
  • then choose “Leave Group” from the drop-down menu.
  • You may simply leave your chosen Australia group.
  • If you want to left from the other Australia groups, repeat all of the steps one by one.

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