Student Telegram Groups

In this post you will get different types of student telegram groups that can make your study more effective. This is a perfect place where students can join and communicate with each other.

Student life is about more than simply academics; it’s about developing relationships, discovering new interests, and evolving as a person. During this period, you will attend lessons, study for examinations, and engage in numerous activities.

Best Telegram Groups For Students

It’s a chat room where students from the same school, class, or with similar interests may share information, debate subjects related to their studies, ask questions

International Student groups on Telegram

With these groups anyone can connect with other foreign students. If you also want to chat with other and discuss about various aspects of studying abroad then these groups are perfect for you.

Indian Students in USA
Total Members – 390+ Group Link
Students in New york/ New Jersey
Share knowledge and gather knowledge | Total Members – 700+ Group Link
Ethio computer science students
This group is created to support all Ethiopian computer science students. So you can share any questions regarding to computer & computer science | Total Members – 350+ Group Link
Canada Future Applicants(2024)
Group for students who are planning for 2024 or for near future. Let’s connect and build a vibrant community to help one another.| Total Members – 500+ Group Link
NU Graduates and Students
Group is for alumni and students as a networking space to search for connections in specific industries or companies, share vacancies, identify potential mentors and expand their knowledge etc. | Total Members – 4000+ Group Link
International Students in Vancouver- Canada
This group is made for inter.. students, so they can help with accomodation and etc | Total Members – 800+ Group Link
Students of “WIUT”
Help US to gather all of WIUT students for being TOGETHER in ONE group! | Total Members – 380+ Group Link
Indian Software Students doing MS in USA/Canada/UK/Australia.
Hi.. Welcome. We are an Online Software Technologies Training & Consulting. We provide Online training on various software technologies by our industry experts well experienced certified trainers. | Total Members – 220+ Group Link
Centennial College students
Group only for genuine students not for your advertisement.| Total Members – 500+ Group Link
Students jobs / updates / room sharing/ ride sharing/ colleges / courses …etc. | Total Members – 3100+ Group Link
*INTERNATIONAL STUDENT* Hey guys ! Welcome to the family. | Total Members – 1250+ Group Link
A group for students going to British columbia! | Total Members – 1000+ Group Link

Telegram Groups for College Students

Telegram is best way to connect with college mates to discuss class assignments, upcoming events, and other college-related topics.

This is College Students Group for a supportive and engaging community where you can connect with fellow students. | Total Members – 2200+ Group Link
North Island College Students
This group is for helping each other; please join all newcomers to North Island College. We can make our journey better together. | Total Members – 130+ Group Link
Civil Engineering students
-A support group for civil engineering | Total Members – 400+ Group Link
Kisan College Student’s Group
Welcome to Kisan College Student’s Group | Total Members – 3300+ Group Link
CA Students Doubt Discussion
This Group is made for solving doubts & Study discussions. | Total Members – 70000+ Group Link
CDE NUS Students (College of Design and Engineering)
An unoffical chat to what’s up in the College of Design and Engineering (CDE). | Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
Future Chartered Accountants
Welcome to CA Students Study Group , Ask any Study Related doubts, Get All Notes & MCQs. | Total Members – 50800+ Group Link
CSEA-KEC-Students Corner
For any doubts, clarifications regarding CSE association activities of KONGU ENGINEERING COLLEGE. | Total Members – 300+ Group Link

High School Student Telegram Groups List

These groups are best for stay in touch outside of the classroom, making it simpler to arrange group projects, exchange study materials, and just chat.

Students of Light Teaching Class
This is a Students of Light Teaching Class Temple of Unconditional Unlimited Love Peace Harmony Compassion Trust Truth Light Higher Vibration channeling message from Creator, Mother/Father God ,Angelic Kingdom , Galactic Federation Spiritual, Ascension | Total Members – 440+ Group Link
Ebooks and audiobooks -Students to Billionaire
This group is dedicated to deliver life long lessons and productivity strategies for students to grow in their career and build their own empire. | Total Members – 2300+ Group Link
Only For Students
Dr Nomesh and Students
Group meant for NEET aspirants | Total Members – 58000+ Group Link
Students Society for 11th &12th
Knowledge Boosters Official | Total Members – 1700+ Group Link
High school life Grade 9
If we human beings lose them, there are 3 things that may not keep us alive !! | Total Members – 550+ Group Link
Students Virtual Library Video
This is Virtual Library for Self Study | Total Members – 1900+ Group Link
Electrical Students
UPPCL JE, UPPCL AE, SSC JE, RRB JE, UPSC ESE, GATE, UPPSC AE, DRDO, ISRO, PSU’s. | Total Members – 29000+ Group Link

How to join Student groups on Telegram

If you want to get in touch with other students then these steps are very helpful for you.

  • Simply select your favorite Student group from the available options.
  • Then click the “Group Link” button to join that Student group.
  • After that, the button will redirect you to the Telegram app.
  • Then, on the first screen, choose the Join option.
  • As soon as you clicked the button, you were added to the Student group.
  • If you want to join more new Student groups, repeat the process.

Guideline for Student groups

If you have joined any group from the list then keep in mind these rules.

  • Be nice and respectful to the other members of the any Student group.
  • Keep conversations focused on the group’s objective. In a Student group, discuss only study related topics.
  • Do not send irrelevant messages, stickers, or links.
  • Please do not post rude or wrong things in any Student group.
  • Communicate in the Student group’s chosen language to ensure that everyone understands.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the group admins.
  • Avoid sharing incorrect or deceiving content.

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