OET Telegram Groups & Channels

We have collected some amazing OET Telegram groups and channels which are definitely best & popular on Telegram and also useful for you. Just join them and connect with others who are preparing for OET.

OET stands for Occupational English Test. It’s an exam designed for healthcare professionals who want to work or study in English-speaking countries.

Useful OET Telegram Groups Link

These are the perfect place where Occupational English Test givers come together to chat, share tips, ask questions, and support each other.

We’re well organized group of examiners aiming a better future for everyone. | Total Members – 5700+ Group Link
E-Notes || Nursing || Quiz
Hello and welcome to Nursing Quiz. | Total Members – 1700+ Group Link
Don’t stop when you’re tired, stop when you’re done | Total Members – 6300+ Group Link
OET Edu Skills International
MAD – Make A Difference- Edu Skills is a platform to positively influence LEARNERS through Experiential Learning pedagogy…to make OET easy…Fall in LOVE with OET. | Total Members – 49000+ Group Link
OET with Dr Hesham
A channel that will be continuously updated with OET materials and Recalls…You can find everything here inshaallah…..Don’t forget to check for our great offers and discounts for OET PACKAGES AND FULL COURSE…Stay safe and study well !! | Total Members – 5700+ Group Link
OETStudy Group
Purpose: Discuss DET-related topics only. | Total Members – 2500+ Group Link
OET Speaking Aiders
OET SPEAKING SUPPORT GROUP, your dream partner in OET. | Total Members – 3900+ Group Link
OET (Let’s Update)
Intended to impart the best online/offline experience for OET aspirants. | Total Members – 3800+ Group Link
Free materials | Total Members – 10100+ Group Link
Are you a nurse preparing for the OET exam? 100% pass rate guaranteed here. | Total Members – 2000+ Group Link
OET writing corrections
Post your letters here and get corrections. | Total Members – 1300+ Group Link
Helps you to overcome your difficulties in learning OET to achieve the required grade/score. | Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
OET TEST Academy is a genuine and authentic platform that helps nurses and doctors pass the oet exam genuinely. | Total Members – 27100+ Group Link

Best OET Telegram Channels List

Channels are very useful for getting notes, quiz and latest updates about OET. Below we have shared some channels which are very useful for you if you are preparing for Occupational English Test.

(OET) Occupational English Test
The #EnglishLanguage Test for #Healthcare Professionals- #OET | Total Subscribers – 8200+ Channel Link
This channel only for educational purpose means notes available | Total Subscribers – 5100+ Channel Link
All materials
Listening and reading materials ( benchmark, Jahshan , others…) | Total Subscribers – 4800+ Channel Link
Awasir OET – General
This channel is made by Abdalla Abbas, Saif Almahi & Ayman sabir to make an easy way to prepare for OET. | Total Subscribers – 7300+ Channel Link
This platform is helpfull for find out a suitable OET SPEAKING partner to improve our skill to attend exam. | Total Subscribers – 700+ Channel Link
OET tutoring | Total Subscribers – 1100+ Channel Link
OET Nursing Training
Abroad Educational Consultancy. IELTS, OET, German, Spoken English Training. Study, Work and Migrate Abroad. | Total Subscribers – 470+ Channel Link
Nurse test
Contains educational questions aimed at creating an environment of interactive learning. | Total Subscribers – 4100+ Channel Link

Important Rules for OET Groups

Below shard rules are made for all the members who wish to join OET groups. Everyone need to follow the rules regularly otherwise they will be removed.

  • Be nice and respectful to the other members of the OET group.
  • Keep conversations focused on the group’s objective. In a OET group, discuss OET related topics.
  • Do not send irrelevant messages, stickers, or links.
  • Please do not post rude or wrong things in any OET group.
  • Communicate in the OET group’s chosen language to ensure that everyone understands.
  • Follow the instructions provided by the group admins.
  • Avoid sharing incorrect or deceiving content.

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