IELTS Telegram Channels & Groups

We have searched many times and found some really helpful IELTS telegram channels and groups for all the users. If you are also preparing for IELTS then this post is definitely helpful for you.

IELTS stands for the International English Language Testing System. It’s commonly taken by individuals who want to study, work, or live in English-speaking countries.

IELTS Telegram Channels Link

You can select and join the channel according to your choice and preference.

IELTS Book Telegram Channels

These channels are only made for sharing the best Books which are best for IELTS.

This channel mentions all the books you need for getting 9 Band at the IELTS TEST … | Total Subscribers – 300+ Channel Link
Cambridge IELTS books 1-15
If you join us you can use all the Cambridge and other useful IELTS books with audio. | Total Subscribers – 17800+ Channel Link
English Grammar | IELTS Books
Here you can find any books | Total Subscribers – 2800+ Channel Link
English Books and Information
Channel that can provide you with e-books and lots of useful information to help you in learning English | Total Subscribers – 6200+ Channel Link
Cambridge IELTS Books for Listening (7-18)
Enhance your IELTS preparation with our organized collection of free audio files and PDFs from official Cambridge IELTS books. Elevate your exam practice effortlessly! | Total Subscribers – 5200+ Channel Link
The best IELTS listening books which help you improve your listening score! | Total Subscribers – 850+ Channel Link

List of IELTS writing telegram channels

If you want to improve your writing skills then you should join the below shared channels.

Ielts Writing task 1 and task 2
This channel is fundamentally designed to help you improve your writing skills through sample essays, books and so on! | Total Subscribers – 7900+ Channel Link
Writing Advisor
Channel is created in order to meet a demand among students who are learning English and preparing to achieve a high score in the IELTS. | Total Subscribers – 1400+ Channel Link
You are learning english, preparing for IELTS you are in right place!!! | Total Subscribers – 170+ Channel Link
English Learning Tricks and Tips & Material
Here You can find IELTS Material and Enhance Your Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading Skills | Total Subscribers – 800+ Channel Link
All the essays are 100% correct in terms of grammar and word choice . | Total Subscribers – 180+ Channel Link
IELTS writing and speaking material
This channel aims to offer a number of books or pamphlets, for those who are willing to enrich their knowledge regarding English writing and other linguistic skills. | Total Subscribers – 750+ Channel Link
IELTS General Letter writing
Materials to prepare for IELTS General | Total Subscribers – 2500+ Channel Link

Telegram Channel for IELTS speaking

English speaking is very mandatory for IELTS. So if you want to learn the way to improve the speaking skills then these channels are perfect for you.

Speaking mock everyday
Daily Listening and Reading Mock Test | Total Subscribers – 32300+ Channel Link
IELTS speaking assistant
If you are up to practice and improve your speaking skill, this channel is for you. | Total Subscribers – 400+ Channel Link
Speaking mock IELTS | CEFR
Free speaking mock tests are held twice a day by experienced band 7.0+ examiners | Total Subscribers – 25500+ Channel Link
IELTS Speaking Questions
IELTS speaking questions in a comfortable format! | Total Subscribers – 800+ Channel Link
HIGH BAND ANSWERS FOR ALL PARTS OF SPEAKING | Total Subscribers – 900+ Channel Link
IELTS Speaking Videos
One of the most useful channels for IELTS Speaking! | Total Subscribers – 1000+ Channel Link

Best IELTS Telegram Groups List

You can connect with others, ask questions, share tips, and find resources to help them study and improve their English language skills for the test. Just join the below shared groups and connect with others.

IELTS Speaking and Writing Zone
Dive into daily free speaking and writing sessions with experts, join our vibrant community of 24/7 active students from 11+ nations. | Total Members – 17000+ Group Link
This group is only for evaluation. Please don’t send any other material or attachments except your task 1 and 2 writing ( as there are many other groups for materials) plz don’t overload and respect the objective to keep it simple… | Total Members – 200+ Group Link
Oxford bookworms library
Improving your English by reading and listening to books | Total Members – 350+ Group Link
Speakijng and Writing zone
Daily Free Speaking and writing Sessions with Experts | Total Members – 1880+ Group Link
This group provides marking services for IELTS Writing. | Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
IELTS Writing Practice
Community for IELTS preparation. | Total Members – 1300+ Group Link
Speaking | LIVE
Live speaking lesson | Total Members – 400+ Group Link
Writing Correction & Tips
IELTS Writing Correction & Tips, Detailed Feebacks and Suggestions | Total Members – 800+ Group Link
Speaking Zone
Share your knowledge with each othera and Keep English and create an English life for yourself | Total Members – 100+ Group Link

How to exit from any IELTS channel?

Leaving asny IELTS group is very easy with these steps.

  • Open the Telegram app.
  • Select and open the IELTS channel you want to leave.
  • Click on the three dots on the top right corner.
  • then choose “Leave Group” from the drop-down menu.
  • You may simply leave your chosen channel group.
  • If you want to left from the other channel groups, repeat all of the steps one by one.

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