Ethiopian Telegram Groups & Channels

If you are from Ethiopia or interested in Ethiopian culture, news, and discussions then the shared Ethiopian telegram groups and channels are best for you. There are thousands of groups and channels available but these are the best and popular as well.

Ethiopia is a country in Africa and It’s one of the oldest countries in the world. The country has stunning landscapes, from mountains to deserts to lush green valleys.

Popular Ethiopian Telegram Groups Link

Below shared groups are only made for Ethiopian peoples to chat with each other according to the group’s topic.

Ethiopian TikTokers
You will always find BEST funny Tik Tok videos | Total Members – 1100+ Group Link
Digital library discussion
This group is created for students to help each other | Total Members – 3500+ Group Link
#Sharing the LOVE of CHRIST! #Discuss, #Debate #Pray….. | Total Members – 750+ Group Link
Banking Business
Ethiopian Banking Business information will be Updated here! | Total Members – 4400+ Group Link
The Market Place
This is Online marketing you can sell and buy anything you want. | Total Members – 1950+ Group Link
Live Ethio – Real Estate Market
The most comprehensive real estate platform in Ethiopia! The place where you’ll find your dream home to LIVE in | Total Members – 4000+ Group Link
Ethionline Jobs Group
Join Ethiopian work community and expand your opportunity, Share ideas and opinions! | Total Members – 700+ Group Link
Voice of Ethiopia
Be Positive, Be True, Be Kind, Be you. | Total Members – 1400+ Group Link
Ethio-Italy Hub
This group was created to help students who want to apply to Italy for 2024/25 intake. | Total Members – 2200+ Group Link
Ethio Amzon
Ethio_amazon is #1 The Largest Market Place in #Ethiopia. | Total Members – 19100+ Group Link
Ethio Anime Chat
A group dedicated to anime/manga/game lovers | Total Members – 120+ Group Link
Playing e football friendly match | Total Members -170+ Group Link
Ethio Endonesian chat
We are ethiopians we proud by our nation, You are indonesia you proud by your nation | Total Members – 300+ Group Link
Fitness & Nutrition Group
30 Day Body Transformation Challenge | Total Members – 1400+ Group Link
Programmers Hub
Let’s share knowledge | Total Members – 350+ Group Link
Ethiopian Lecturers Discussion Group
This is a professional group of HEI lecturers. Please help us by adding others to our group | Total Members – 3300+ Group Link
Ethio Medical Discussion
Share and send medical videos, clips, medical and clinical cases, medical questions and answers, medical news and innovations, medical and educational multimedia, medical pictures, pdf, guidelines,.. | Total Members – 4400+ Group Link
Call Of Duty Ethiopia
We talk about CODM HERE | Total Members – 8400+ Group Link
Pets in Ethiopia
Welcome to Pets in Ethiopia. On here you can see the cutest pet videos you’ll ever see. | Total Members – 24700+ Group Link
For all Pubg group members!! | Total Members – 5900+ Group Link
Ethio Developers group
A group of enthusiastic ethiopian developers who work collaboratively | Total Members – 120+ Group Link

Amazing Ethiopian Telegram Channels

There are different types of channels shard below which are definitely best on Telegram.

Ethiopian Business Daily
Stay ahead of the curve with EBD. We provides daily updates on business news and trends in Ethiopia, perfect for start-ups, entrepreneurs, businessmen, & anyone interested. | Total Subscribers – 30000+ Channel Link
All Amharic Fonts
#Ethiopian_Fonts #AmharicFont | Total Subscribers – 4200+ Channel Link
Ethiopian Press Agency
Ethiopian Press Agency, established in 1940 , is a public printing media enterprise operating in Ethiopia. | Total Subscribers – 22700+ Channel Link
Ethiopian Bookstore
Ethiopian Books, Files and Historical Documents. | Total Subscribers – 7500+ Channel Link
Exotic Ethiopian Cars
Watch Exotic Cars allround Addis Ababa Ethiopia | Total Subscribers – 5400+ Channel Link
Soccer Ethiopia
The voice of Ethiopian football | Total Subscribers – 93000+ Channel Link
This channel is primarily intended for the graduated students for easy access to get information. #ngo_jobs | Total Subscribers – 36000+ Channel Link
Ethiopian Photography
Hello everyone join this amazing channel for epic pictures from Ethiiopia. | Total Subscribers – 9600+ Channel Link
Grade 9-12 Question Bank
For grade 9-12 questions and answer With detail description as wel as | Total Subscribers – 550+ Channel Link
Ethiopian vacancy
Unlock career growth with exclusive job postings on Telegram. Connecting talent with opportunity effortlessly. | Total Subscribers – 54000+ Channel Link
Music Z
“Where words fail, music speaks.” | Total Subscribers – 1200+ Channel Link
Architecture Construction and Urbanism
It is a platform for information on historical and contemporary architecture, urbanism, landscape, and the construction industry inside Ethiopia. | Total Subscribers – 10300+ Channel Link
Outdoor Ethiopia
Travel, culture, history, news, and adventure—Outdoor Ethiopia covers it all as we inspire travellers from around the world to come and experience the wonders of Ethiopia. | Total Subscribers – 1300+ Channel Link
Ethio University News
Exit Exam Book, Entrance Exam sheet | Total Subscribers – 120000+ Channel Link
Ethiopian Youtubers
This Group is Created for Ethiopian Youtubers to help with each other. | Total Subscribers – 2500+ Channel Link
Ask Anything
Question and Answer Platform for Ethiopians. | Total Subscribers – 55000+ Channel Link
Afriwork (Freelance)
We Connect employers with freelancers, independent professionals and agencies. | Total Subscribers – 210000+ Channel Link

How to join Ethiopian Groups in easy steps?

If you want to join any group or channel from this post then just follow these steps.

  • Simply select your favorite Ethiopian group from the available options.
  • Then click the “Group Link” button to join that Ethiopian group.
  • After that, the button will redirect you to the Telegram app.
  • Then, on the first screen, choose the Join option.
  • As soon as you clicked the button, you were added to the Ethiopian group.
  • If you want to join more new Ethiopian groups or channels, repeat the process.

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